Texas police searching for girl who livestreamed herself putting dog in dryer

(WSVN) - Authorities in Texas have launched an investigation into a viral online video that shows a girl putting a dog into a dryer.

The video, shared live on Instagram, was quickly spread across other social media platforms like Twitter.

In it, the girl is heard laughing before grabbing the dog.

Viewers commenting in real-time appeared to encourage the act.

“Do it,” one person wrote.

“Alright, bet,” the girl responded. “I’m finna do it.”

She then places the small dog inside the dryer before slamming the door shut and turning it on.

The laughter continues, this time with clapping, as the poor dog is heard tumbling inside.

A few seconds later, she opens the door, and the dog hops out and runs into another room.

The Dallas Police Department was initially tasked with trying to identify the girl.

However, the department’s Animal Cruelty Unit discovered the video was filmed at a home in Lewisville, Texas.

The case was handed over to the Lewisville Police Department who continues to investigate.

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