Teen gifts PlayStation 5 prize to neighbor battling cancer, buys more gifts for kids in need

PHILADELPHIA (WSVN) — A Philadelphia teen is working to make sure several people have happy Christmases this year.

Angel Otero, 16, has gone viral for his recent acts of kindness.

According to Roman Catholic High School in Philadelphia, Otero won a much-coveted PlayStation 5 in a raffle.

However, instead of keeping the console for himself, Otero instead gave it to his young neighbor who is battling cancer and recently broke his leg.

The school said the boy’s family insisted that Otero take something for the gift, and when he reluctantly did, he used the money to buy additional presents for other children in need.

“This young man, has a heart of gold (and purple). We are proud he is part of our program and school,” the school said in a Facebook post.