(WSVN) - Have you ever canceled on a outing with your friends just to hang out with your canine companion instead? If so, it turns you’re not alone.

According to Fox News, a study of 2,000 dog owners found that pup parents will often pass on human commitments in lieu of spending some quality time with their furry friends.

The study, conducted by Link AKC, cited the bond created between humans and their dogs. Dogs can reportedly help their owner through five stressful events a week, and many owners said their pet genuinely helped their ability to cope with traumatic events like the death of a loved one or a breakup.

Six out of 10 survey-takers said their dog takes care of them, so they feel the need to reciprocate the action.

Many of the people surveyed felt that their dogs were great listeners. Eighty-one percent of respondents said they talk to their dogs like they would a friend, and single responders were two more times as likely to talk about relationship troubles with their pets.

The study also showed that many people feel safer around their pets.

“The physical benefits of dog ownership are often the first that come to mind, but we’ve found the emotional and mental health benefits of having a furry companion are just as impactful,” Link AKC CMO Herbie Calves told Fox News. “People consider their dogs members of their family and are looking for ways to connect and interact with them on a deeper level.”

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