Study: People are replacing their pharmaceutical drugs with medical cannabis

(WSVN) - People are replacing their medical prescriptions with cannabis according to results from a recently released study.

The study, which was completed by the University of Michigan, looked at how participants used medicinal cannabis.

About 78 percent of participants reported using cannabis to help treat a health or medical condition, and over 60 percent of the users had an actual medical cannabis card.

Medical cannabis users also reported a greater degree of use of medical cannabis than of mainstream healthcare, and they all said cannabis was more effective than pharmaceutical drugs.

Forty-two percent of the users also reported that they stopped taking at least one pharmaceutical drug, while 38 percent reported using less of a pharmaceutical drug.

The study did identify some issues of medical cannabis and mainstream healthcare, including the lack of access to mainstream healthcare, self-initiated treatment of health issues, little knowledge of psychoactive content and heavy cannabis use.

To read the full study, click here.

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