Roadside vendor stops thieves from stealing giant teddy bears for Valentine’s Day

PHOENIX, Ariz. (WSVN) — Two thieves thought they could get some free Valentine’s Day presents, but their getaway didn’t exactly go as planned.

Emigdio Rivas was sitting in traffic at a Phoenix intersection when he saw two men jump out of an SUV at the red light and run toward a roadside vendor selling giant teddy bears for Valentine’s Day.

The suspects quickly grabbed the oversized stuffed animals and bolted back to their car, struggling to load the huge toys into the vehicle.

Once inside, they had nowhere to go: they couldn’t flee the scene since the light was still red.

Two of the vendors ran up to the SUV and forced open the doors to get the bears back. One suspect quickly threw a bear out of the vehicle, while the vendor managed to get the second one back after a brief struggle.

By then, the light had turned green, and the SUV took off. While the suspects managed to get away, the bears were at least recovered.

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