Researchers say chemical found in McDonald’s french fries may cure baldness

(WSVN) - French fries may not be good for your waistline, but a chemical found in some fast-food fries could help your hairline. Researchers in Japan believe a chemical used to cook McDonald’s french fries could cure baldness.

According to Fox News, the research report from Yokohama National University found that the chemical dimethylpolysiloxane is able to mass produce hair follicles in mice. Scientists said the chemical is found in silicone, which is added to oil that is used to cook the fast food giant’s fries in order to prevent splashing.

The research team found that the chemical helps cells grow at least 5,000 hair follicle germs simultaneously. During the study, the germs were transplanted into bald mice, who began to sprout new fur within days.

“This simple method is very robust and promising. We hope that this technique will improve human hair regenerative therapy to treat hair loss such as androgenic alopecia,” said Yokohama National University professor Junji Fukuda.

Androgenic alopecia is more commonly known as male pattern baldness.

The method so far has only been tested on mice; however, the researchers believe the method should work on humans as well.

Scientists added that hair growth in this instance works because the chemical allows oxygen to easily pass through it and create hair growth.

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