Once ‘unadoptable’ shelter dog now helping in Texas rescue efforts

(WSVN) - A dog once deemed “unadoptable” and on death row is now helping search and rescue efforts in hard-hit Texas.

According to KTVU, “Rocket” was a former shelter dog from Nothern California. Rocket was found on the streets of Sacramento when he was just a puppy.

Shelters in the area deemed him unadoptable due to his high-energy level.

After having just one day left before he was set to be euthanized, a group that trains dogs in search and rescue efforts came to Rocket’s rescue.

They worked with the pup to train him according to FEMA standards, then paired him with the Windsor Fire Protection District’s Mike Stornetta.

Rocket is now working in the areas which Harvey hit hardest.

Stornetta told KTVU that what once made Rocket unadoptable made him priceless, saying his high energy level is an asset when it comes to search and rescue.

“It’s an amazing story,” he said. “You take an animal that some people might consider worthless — you take that animal and give that animal a job and they go from worthless to absolutely priceless.”

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