NutriBullet owners report severe burns, cut after devices burst

LOS ANGELES (WSVN) — Several people are suing the the company that produces the NutriBullet after they said the devices burst while they were using them, causing severe injuries.

According to Fox 11, at least 14 owners of the devices claim the NutriBullets cause heat and pressure to build up in the sealed vessel due to how quickly the blades spin, causing the contents inside to heat up and burst from the rest of the machine.

“This thing just chopped my hand to pieces pretty much,” Brendan Cosso told Fox 11. “I was making it, went to grab it, the container exploded off, and my hand went right into the blades. The two blades basically chopped into my palm, still to this day, I can’t feel my finger.”

Cosso told Fox 11 the damage to his hand was extensive. “It hit a branch of my ulnar nerve, I’ve got a pretty high tolerance for pain, it was deep and the meat was kind of hanging out, I had to go get stitches,” he said.

Another woman said she got second degree burns after the contents inside heated up while she was using, causing the NutriBullet to explode, sending hot liquid on her.

According to Fox 11, an attorney for the company said the misuse of the device is what most likely caused and explosions. He also said it’s “physically impossible” for a NutriBullet to heat up enough to burst after just 15 to 20 seconds of use.

The company also released a statement where they said the reports of explosions are perplexing and that they will investigate to determine what happened.

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