(WSVN) - A man was caught on camera pulling an elderly woman forcefully out of a car.

Ezra Halawani, who filmed the incident, attempted to help this woman.

“Guys, guys what’s going on?” asked Halawani on the video.

“Call the police!” yelled the old lady.

Halawani could not believe what he was seeing while out for a walk in a New York neighborhood.

“I saw someone pulling out another person from their vehicle, so I pulled my phone out and started recording,” said Halawani.

It was then he realized the person pulled out of the car was an elderly woman hitting the driver with her cane.

“He’s got my phone,” exclaimed the woman.

“Can you give her the phone? Can you give her the phone? This is an old woman!”

Halawani followed the driver and tried to get him to stop, but the driver got back in his car and took off. Police said he hit Halawani in the process.

“When he hit me, I fell on top of his hood, and I fell on the floor on my shoulder,” said Halawani.

But he got right back up and went to help the woman.

“Are you ok,” Halawani asked the woman on the ground.

“No I’m not! I’m a 78-year-old lady and he pulled me out of the cab! He took my money! He took my phone!” she yelled.

Halawani reassured her that he had her phone.

“I just couldn’t believe that someone could do something like that to forget just an old woman, just any person in general,” said Halawani.

Halawani said the woman was headed to physical therapy, but the driver dropped her off down the block and expected her to get out and walk. The elderly woman was unable to walk.

“She was in bad shape, so he got upset and he went around and pulled her out of the car,” said Halawani.

The woman’s daughter, who did not want to be identified, said they’re grateful to Halawani who made sure her mom got to the hospital.

“She doesn’t want to make a comment. She’s very scared,” said the woman’s daughter. “We’re very thankful for the good samaritan. He saved the day.”

The New York State Federation of Taxi Drivers released a statement saying “The driver’s actions were totally unjustified.”

The NYPD is investigating.

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