Milwaukee bus driver helps shivering young boy lost in neighborhood

MILWAUKEE, Wisc. (WSVN) — A bus driver in Wisconsin is being credited for coming to the aid of a little boy in need of help.

Fox 13 reports that driver Karen Martinez was driving her usual route on a cold morning in Milwaukee when she spotted a little boy walking alone without shoes or socks.

Bus surveillance video shows Martinez pulling over to help the child.

Martinez noticed the 5-year-old was cold and shivering, so she picked him up and carried him inside the bus to keep him warm while she called for help.

As she waited for police to arrive, Martinez sat with the boy, who was still visibly shaking from the cold. That’s when a bus passenger took off her coat and wrapped it around the child.

Martinez helped to distract the boy by having him sit in the driver’s seat, and he drew her a picture while they waited.

Investigators did not disclose why the child was on his own, but said he was reunited with his family thanks to Martinez’s quick thinking.

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