Little League sign reminds competitive parents ‘it’s a game’

(WSVN) - It’s just a game. But all too often, it seems parents take their children’s youth sports all too seriously.

One Little League program in Wisconsin decided to post a reminder to those, shall we say, “overenthusiastic” parents; now their sign has gone viral.

The sign posted at the field in Glendale, Wisconsin, reads:

1. These are KIDS.
2. This is a GAME.
3. Coaches are VOLUNTEERS.
4. Umpires are HUMAN.
5. Your child is NOT being scouted by the Brewers today.

Reddit user Evan Primakow posted the picture to the site, along with the caption, “the sign at my son’s Little League field.”

Similar signs have been spotted across the country, but Primakow’s Reddit post clearly struck a nerve, getting over 28,000 upvotes and 700 comments on his photo.

Primakow told WTMJ he had no idea the picture would get so much attention, but loved the sign’s message.

“I thought it was a nice tongue and cheek way of getting the message out there. It’s not mean, it’s kind of funny,” he said. “I think it rings true with people. No one likes to go to a game with kids and see parents fighting in the stands and I think because of the competitive nature of sports that happens everywhere.”

Glendale Little League President John Diedrich said they put up the signa few years ago to remind parents why they’re there: for their kids.

“We’ve had some parents who have been a little, let’s say, intense around the fields, making comments sometimes at our umpires and other parents and so forth,” Diedrich said. “Let’s just take it less seriously.”

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