Houston firefighters surprise boy after ‘selfless’ Santa letter

HOUSTON, TX (WSVN) – A young boy’s letter to Santa Claus in Houston didn’t ask for toys or electronics.

This boy’s wish was for something much more than that: He wished to find a healthy heart for his sick mom.

“She’s been on a transplant list,” said Channelview Fire Rescue official Katya Garza. “He’s being very selfless and said that is all he want for Christmas.”

After reading the heartwarming letter, the city’s fire department decided to pay 12-year-old Arnulfo Guerra Jr. a visit.

The fire department surprised him with a load of toys, including a new bike. “Thank you,” exclaimed Guerra.

“Kids need their parents,” said Garza. “They really don’t know the circumstances when it’s life or death for the most part.”

At the Guerra household, fire department officials greeted the mother, who was seen in tears. When talking about his wish, the 12-year-old said, “That’s all I want for Christmas.”


“He is my angel,” said the mother.

After hearing about the letter, everyone in the city is now praying for a Christmas miracle. “We need her for many years more,” said Guerra Jr. “Me and my dad will pray all day for my mom, and all I want is to see my mom happy.”

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