High school student earns full rides to all 8 Ivy league schools

JERSEY CITY, N.J. (WSVN) — A New Jersey student made history in her high school after she earned full scholarships to all eight of the Ivy League Universities.

Anna Rezk now has a difficult decision to make — she must choose between Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, the University of Pennsylvania, Princeton and Yale.

“It was very surprising and very surreal at the same time, because I didn’t actually think it was real,” Anna said.

But it was real, and it was all because of her hard work. Anna took a host of Advanced Placement classes, earning her a 5.63 GPA. She also scored a 1570 out of 1600 on her SAT.

Anna’s parents immigrated to the United States from Egypt, and her father died from pancreatic cancer when she was just 13, so now she wants to find a cure.

“She’s just dedicated to doing what she can to find a cure for cancer, and doing — so people don’t have to go through what she went through,” said Anna’s science teacher Bill Goold.

Anna said her father would always take pride in his daughter’s accomplishments.

“He was always laughing, always bragging about me,” she said. “My mom’s kind of super quiet, but he’d be the one telling all his friends ‘My kid is smarter than yours,’ or whatever.”

Anna came to tears talking about her dad, and she said she believes her father is proud of her

“I think he’s proud probably bragging to other angels or something, like ‘I knew,'” Anna said.

Anna said she is unsure of which school she wants to go to.

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