Heimlich Hero: Video captures high school freshman saving friend’s life

(WSVN) - A high school student is being called a hero after he used the Heimlich Maneuver to save his choking friend’s life.

According to FOX 13, Ian Brown, a freshman student at Central High School in La Crosse, Wisconsin, was eating lunch with his friends inside the school cafeteria, when all of a sudden one of his friends, Will Olson, began choking right in front of him.

At first, the group of friends didn’t realize what was happening. But once Olson began signaling to the group that he was choking, the video shows Brown jumping in without hesitation to conduct the Heimlich Maneuver on his friend.

Thankfully, the technique worked. The video shows Olson breathing and taking a sip of water while his other classmates look absolutely stunned over what just happened right in front of them.

Brown said he learned the Heimlich during his first aid training as a Police Explorer with the La Crosse Police Department.

The must-see video exemplifies just how important educating students on the Heimlich Maneuver is.

Watch the heroic video, below.

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