Grandmother brings Doritos bag full of drugs to imprisoned grandson

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WSVN) – A grandmother was arrested after police said she brought a bag of Doritos full of drugs inside a prison for her grandson.

According to Fox 13, police said 68-year-old Sarah Griffin brought the Doritos bag inside the prison for her grandson, Cody Clements. When an officer asked to look inside the bag, Clements took out a small, black object.

Officers said they found the unknown object wrapped in electrical tape. After taking apart the bag, they found marijuana, meth, Xanax pills and heroin.

Griffin said she thought there was a cellphone inside the bag and that she did not know there were drugs inside. She also told police that she picked up the Doritos bag from a girl before visiting her grandson.

Griffin has been charged with contraband in a penal institution.

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