Dog set to be euthanized embraces man after being rescued

(WSVN) - An Ohio man rescued a dog that was scheduled to be euthanized, and the Beagle seemingly couldn’t let go of his rescuer during the car ride home.

WTSP reported that a shelter dog named “Gregory” was to be euthanized at the Franklin County Dog Shelter before Joe Kirk, who works at HOUND Rescue and Sanctuary, saved him.

Gregory and Kirk rode together during what the organization calls “freedom rides” following the rescue. Kirk decided to take a photo together, and Gregory seemingly embraced him.

Posted by HOUND Rescue and Sanctuary on Tuesday, May 1, 2018

The HOUND Rescue and Sanctuary allows dogs to live without threat of euthanasia until they’re adopted.

“The BEST Freedom Ride Picture EVER! Pulled from the Euthanasia List at FCDS today… “Gregory” is one thankful and appreciative Beagle! He KNOWS he is SAFE!” the sanctuary wrote on Facebook, with a photo of Gregory cuddling up to Kirk in the car.

Gregory has since been cleared by a vet and will be available for adoption.

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