Dog gets shot with crossbow, leaving owner with $7,000 bill

KELLOGG, IA (WSVN) — A man in Iowa says his dog nearly died after being shot with a crossbow on his own property.

Andrew Worrell found his one-year-old collie named Scooby under his deck on Saturday, with an arrow going through his torso.

“It went completely through the animal. The thing was if it went this way or through the back, that means it’s a hunting accident or a mistake,” said Worrell.

However, Worrell said no permits were issued to hunt on his property or the area surrounding it.

Worrell rushed Scooby to an animal hospital, where the dog underwent emergency surgery. The arrow punctured Scooby’s lung and, given the level of trauma, doctors said it was amazing he survived.

“It was really remarkable that he actually walked in the door with the level of his injuries,” said Dr. Roxanne Jacobson, the veterinarian who treated Scooby.

Scooby ended up having part of his stomach and half of a lung removed.

Worrell said he now has a veterinarian bill of about $7,000, and still doesn’t know who did this to his dog.

“I am not a vengeful person at all. I would like to know what happened. I would like some help with my vet bills because this is really pushing me back,” Worrell said.

Police are now investigating, along with the Department of Natural Resources, and say the person responsible could face trespassing charges.

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