Dick’s Sporting Goods considering removing all hunting gear from stores

Dick’s Sporting Goods is reportedly considering removing all hunting gear from its stores.

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, CEO Edward Stack said in a conference call that the company is testing the removal of hunting products from 10 stores where hunting gear is underperforming, and replacing it with other items like sporting materials and clothing.

“Though it’s too early to discuss performance, we’re optimistic these changes will better serve the athletes in these communities,” Stack said.

Stack said the company will continue to optimize their assortment and focus on athletics.

Stack also noted during the call that third-quarter sales are down, something which may be attributed to backlash from their new gun policies, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports.

“Specific to hunt, in addition to the strategic decisions made regarding firearms earlier this year, sales continued to be negatively impacted by double-digit declines in hunt and electronics,” said Chief Financial Officer Lee Belitsky.

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