Dad forces girl to walk to school after she got kicked off bus for bullying

SWANTON, Ohio (WSVN) — When a 10-year-old Ohio girl got in trouble for bullying, her father used a unique method to teach her a lesson.

Matt Cox posted to a now-viral video of his daughter walking down the road in 36 degree weather as he follows behind in his car.

Cox explained that his daughter was recently kicked off the school bus for the second time this school year for bullying another student, so he decided to make her walk 5 miles to school to teach her a lesson.

“Bullying is unacceptable, especially in my household,” Cox is heard saying in the video.

The video has received both praise and criticism from a host of viewers.

“I know a lot of you parents are not going to agree with this, but that is alright,” he explained in the two-minute video. “I am doing what I think is right to teach my daughter a lesson to stop her from bullying.”

However, the experience seems to have been successful.

Cox updated the post, saying, his daughter “still has all her extremities intact,” and that she is “happy and healthy and seems to have a new outlook on bullying as well as a new appreciation for some of the simple things in life she used to take for granted.”

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