Cowboy tackles armed robber in Mexico grocery store

MONTERREY, Mexico (WSVN) — A man waiting in line at a grocery store in Mexico tackled an armed robber by jumping on the suspect’s back.

Surveillance video from inside the Carnes Cares butcher shop in Monterrey shows the unidentified man in a cowboy hat standing by the register on Monday. That’s when a young man wearing a dark-colorwed hoodie entered the store, brandishing a gun.

The suspect immediately pointed the weapon at the cashier and customer, demanding money. But he became briefly distracted when a woman who had been in the back of the store walked toward the front.

The “cowboy” seized the opportunity to grab the gunman while his back was turned, quickly jumping on the suspect’s back to wrestle away the firearm. The two struggled, moving out of the camera’s frame.

At one point, an employee can be seen grabbing the gun and running toward the back of the store.

The suspect then comes back into view, this time without his sweatshirt. He attempts to run out of the store, but is tackled by another store employee. He ended up being taken down by the three men.

Fox News reports the would-be robber was taken into police custody.

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