Convicted felon shot, killed by homeowner during home invasion, police say

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSVN) — A homeowner in Tennessee shot and killed a man who he said broke into his house.

Brent Bishop said two robbers came into his Nashville home through the back door last Wednesday, and one of the men hit his wife in the face.

When Bishop went into the kitchen, police said one of the robbers “struck [him] on the head with a blunt object,” and ordered him to hand over several of his guns from a safe.

The suspects fled after he gave the suspects the weapons. Bishop then grabbed a pistol from another room and ran outside to look for his wife, who had fled to a neighbor’s house. That’s when he once again encountered the suspects.

The Metro Nashville Police Department said Bishop opened fire on the two men, fatally shooting 27-year-old Terry Adams, Jr. outside his house. The second robber “dropped the long guns and the pistol that had been taken from the safe and ran away,” police said.

Police said Adams, who had previous convictions for auto burglary, attempted burglary, felony theft and aggravated assault, is also a suspect in another robbery at Bishop’s home back in February.

Adams had been on the run from authorities for two probation violation warrants, following a July 2017 arrest for felony meth possession for resale and unlawful gun possession by a convicted felon.

Bishop had be hospitalized with a skull fracture following the incident, Fox News reports. Police are still looking for the second robber who fled the scene.

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