Canadian woman sues ex-boyfriend for half of $6 million lottery

ONTARIO, Canada (WSVN) — A Canadian woman is suing her ex-boyfriend after he disappeared with their shared lottery ticket worth $6 million.

According to CBC News, Denise Robertson filed a statement of claim against Maurice Thibeault for breach of trust, unjust enrichment, conversion, deceit and general damages.

Robertson said she and Thibeault had been in a common law relationship for several years. She said they would buy lottery tickets together, each taking turns making the purchases, and agreed they would split their winnings.

However, in October, Robertson heard that a winning ticket for $6 million dollars was sold in her area. When she asked Thibeault if they had bought the winning ticket, she said he told her no.

Two days later, Thibeault reportedly left for work and did not come back. Robertson said all his clothes and his passport were gone. She later discovered through mutual friends that Thibeault quit his job and had won the lottery.

CBC News reports that Robertson filed a court injunction to stop the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Commission (OLG) from paying out the prize. OLG eventually decided to award Thibeault half of the $6 million jackpot, but held on to the other half until a resolution was met or a court ruled on the matter.

Robertson is now suing to get the other half of the winnings, plus an additional $500,000 in damages and a stipulation that Thibeault covers her court costs.

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