12-year-old girl killed in explosion filmed final moments

DALLAS (WSVN) — Chilling video captured the final moments of a 12-year-old girl who was killed in a gas explosion.

According to Fox 4, the parents of Michelita Rogers are sharing the video because they don’t want what happened to them and their daughter to happen to anyone else.

In the early morning hours of Feb. 23, 2018, Michelita was so excited about her upcoming cheerleading competition that she decided to film herself getting ready. The explosion happened while she was styling her hair.

Michelita’s parents were asleep in their room at the time, and were awakened by the blast.

“She always say she want to be a top, top doctor,” Maria Rogers, Michelita’s mother said.

The family said there were no warning signs leading up to the explosion and that they didn’t smell leaking gas. However, the gas company, Atmos, had warning signs, Fox 4 reports.

In the days before the home blew up, two other homes nearby had gas-related incidents, one of which resulted in an explosion. All three homes shared a steel pipeline that Atmos determined was cracked.

A preliminary report by the National Transportation Safety Board also unveiled that the company detected leaks in the neighborhood as early as Jan. 1, but none of the residents were notified.

“They killed my daughter,” Maria Rogers said.

An attorney for the family said they are worried a similar tragedy could happen to another family.

Since the explosion, Atmos told the station they have replaced 98 miles of pipe in Dallas, they have increased crews by 250 percent and they have filed plans to finish the removal of cast iron by December 2021.

Texas State Rep. Rafael Anchia has also introduced a package of bills to provide more oversight of natural gas companies like Atmos.

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