With only a few hours left until the screening of the last episode of the Twilight saga, things may get a little hectic.So the question is how should twi-hards pass the time between here and showtime?Eli: "What are we gonna do? I'm excited."Nikki: "I dunno." Thankfully the Twilight stars are giving you a few ideas Taylor: "Maybe read the book to get you more excited."Michael: Read it again, because you're in for a few shocks."Jackson: "Ah man, movie marathon, totally have a twilight movie marathon, go til breaking dawn part 1, and get ready for part two which is quite a ride."Nikki: "They can get really creative, write some more fan fiction, there's all kinds of things."Alright. Books — check!Movies — check!Fanfiction? — umm… Check check… I guessEli: "See how much our hair styles have changed." Nikki: "The transformation of the Cullen family."Kellan: "And then write all the different changes, from each movie, from hair length, to color."Nikki: "The evolution of the wigs, they can make a game board out of that."Jackson: Play "Is it a wig"Kellan – "Can you notice the difference"Kellan – "I have never worn a wig, btw.."Jackson –  "Now you ruined it for half of them."Kellan – "Or did I?"And if while you're waiting you get a bit sentimental.Kristen: "Don't fret, um"Bella herself, Kristen Stewart, told Deco she knows just how you feel.Kristen: "I dont know, I'm totally with them… like its the same feeling for me so, and probably more so, because I actually got to live it."Remember! You can always re-visit your good old Twilight days  Im not crying…there's just something in my eye

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