Twilight Dawn Part 2

In case you've been living under a rock, Twilight is back!Breaking Dawn Part 2 is the last episode of the Twilight series, and the twi-stars are excited to re-introduce themselves. Kellan: "My name is Kellan, I was born in Dickinson North Dakota."Jackson: "I'm Jackson, I was born in Singapour, Singapour."They're also eager to bring you up to speed about where this one picks up. Matthew: "We're at the end is where we are.."Taylor: "At the very end of part one, we think Bella dies but…"Kristen: "She's finally a vampire right now, so anything that made twilight semi-normal is gone, we're in the twilight zone now."Eli: "She doesn't really know how to function yet as a vampire, she hasn't fed, she has to feed for the first time and then we sorta have to teach her how to act human because that's a big part of being a vampire in our world so we have a lot of fun with her."But it wouldn't be a movie if all hell didn't break loose, would it?Kristen: "As soon as you think that things are gonna be easy and Edward and Bella are solid and you do not question them."The volturi AKA the really really creepy vampire authority is after the cullens and comes over for a little … visit. Kristen: "They just don't wanna leave them alone, they have this beautiful child, they're trying to kill it."Alright alright, we won't give any more away. Michael: "There's gonna be some surprises."Kristen: "The last 5 minutes of the movie, you're just like NOOO NOOO."Even the cast can't wait to tell you the whole story and then there's Robert Pattinson. Robert: "So Bella's a vampire now, umm … and … they go … somewhere. They have a kid. They have a kid basically, I don't know if they've already had the kid or … no yes! The kid's in the last one. They have the kid and the kid is growing up pretty fast … and everyone thinks the kid is … some evil thing."