Torrance Daniel Davis, Sr.

WSVN — Sandra Foulks belongs to an organization no-one hopes to join, Mothers Against Murderers.

Sandra became a part of the group after her son Torrance Davis was shot and killed.

Sandra Foulks: "We had to identify my son and so…"

Torrance was a truck driver who owned his own rig, it was a job and a joy.

Torrance Davis, Jr.: "I'd say his favorite thing was to really drive trucks."

On september 17th 2010- torrance's rig was parked and he took a day off..

Torrance Davis, Jr." "He said 'Alright I love you and I'll talk to you tomorrow,' and that was the last time I talked to him."

That night Torrance Sr. drove over to Silver Blue Lakes Apartments in Miami he would not make it out alive.

Detective Jose Gonzalez: "We believe the victim was possibly being robbed by at least one assailant or more when he attempted to flee, and he was shot in the process inside his vehicle."

Sandra got the call to go to Jackson. Torrance didn't make it and she was asked to confirm he was her son.

Sandra Foulks: "I touched my baby he was still warm I said 'Torrence get up, please get up.'"

Torrance Davis Jr. "It's torn a lot of people apart."

Another family is devastated another good hard working person murdered, another criminal gets away.

Detective Gonzalez: "We spoke with all the neighbors and the residents. Some leads that came up were followed and some are still a little bit ongoing, but so far haven't produced tangible results."

Patrick Fraser: "You have heard it before someone is murdered, nobody knows anything. So when people are afraid to talk, killers walk the only way to get them off the street is for someone to say something and detectives say in this case someone does know something.

Detective Gonzalez: "We do believe someone may have witnessed the event and many times people are fearful to come forward, and it causes difficulty for solving most of these cases."

Detectives are working on the case. Mothers Against Murderers is also trying to pick up tidbits of information.

Sandra Foulks: "We marched in Miami they didn't like it. In front of the apartment complex they didn't like it, but we did it anyway put up signs and talked to people, I been at the Swap Shop, the flea markets everywhere."

Looking for a tip, a chance to identify a cold blooded killer. Once again, its the killers and not the victims, that a witness is protecting.

Torrance Davis, Jr.: "If you know something speak up and say it because even though it wasn't your family member it could possibly one day God forbid it could happen to one of your family members."

And if Torrance's killer did it once, they will do it again and another mother will need to join mothers against murderers..

Sandra Foulks: "No mother or father or child should have to go through what I went through. I mean, I identified my baby from the top of his head."

If you were at Silver Blue Lakes Apartments that night and know something or you have heard something from someone who was there, make an anonymous phone call to Crimestoppers.

You will be the only person who will know what a great thing you did.

And if you lost a loved one, if you are still hoping the killer can be caught, give us a call and discover how many people are still Out for Justice.


Broward Crime Stoppers: 954-493-TIPS

Out For Justice: 305-598-HELP (4357) in Miami-Dade or 954-796-HELP (4357) in Broward