WSVN — Last night, we told you a story about a South Florida police officer who rescued a man by literally talking him off a ledge. It turns out a good Samaritan repaid that officer’s good deed. 7’s Rosh Lowe has tonight’s Lowedown.

Sgt. Jeffrey Motola, Miami Beach Police: “Very mysterious ways the way the Big Man works.”

Miami Beach Sgt. Jeffrey Motola says he never was a big believer in karma. That has changed.

Sgt. Jeffrey Motola: “My son was with some family, and he apparently almost drowned. He was unresponsive and went into respiratory distress.”

Late Thursday afternoon, his 3-year-old son Hunter fell into a pool at the Grand View Place in North Bay Village and had to be brought back to life by a good Samaritan who performed CPR.

Scott Lee, performed CPR: “It’s a lot of pressure. That someone’s kid right there, someone’s life.”

Motola was able to meet and thank the man who saved his son from drowning Friday afternoon.

Sgt. Jeffrey Motola: “I woke up this morning, and thank God He put this gentlemen in the path of my son’s life.”

And what makes this so interesting is that Motola is the one accustomed to to saving lives. In fact, on Thursday night on the Lowedown, we profiled his life saving actions.

Motola, along with several other Miami Beach officers, talked Dwayne Tingle from jumping off the 10th floor of a Miami Beach building under construction several months ago.

Tingle was addicted to crack cocaine and called 911 to say he was ending it all.

Dwayne Tingle: “I was really making a decision to do a permanent solution for a bunch of temporary problems.”

It turned out Motola had a special connection to him. After Tingle’s life was saved, he was put into a rehab facility.

Sgt. Jeffrey Motola: “It happens to be that, when I went to visit Mr. Tingle, he mentioned, ‘There’s somebody with your last name here.’ When he said the name, I said, ‘That’s my brother.'”

Yes, Motola’s brother was Tingle’s roommate at the treatment center. On the same day, the Lowedown tells this story of hope and connection, a stranger steps into Motola’s life and helps him.

Sgt. Jeffrey Motola: “It’s God repaying me for what happened.”

Hunter is recovering at the hospital and is expected to be OK. Motola says his outlook on life has changed, as he sees that every action has a reaction.

Sgt. Jeffrey Motola: “I once did not believe it, but after last night, I believe in karma, and it came back, and it came back in a good way, thank God.”

Scott Lee: “As you get older, sometimes I find it harder, you know, having faith. As you get older, you go through things, but after last night, I got my faith back. There is something bigger that brought us all together.”

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