(WSVN) - The video takes your breath away. A man walking across the street when he is mowed down by a Miami-Dade County truck. That man survives. Now he says the county has ignored him. Rosh Lowe has his story in tonight’s Lowedown.

The impact is severe. Just watch this 62-year-old man in the white shirt get blindsided by a Miami-Dade County water and sewer truck.

Leon Craig: “I was laying on the ground and watching the wheels roll over my legs.”

Leon Craig’s survival is miraculous.

Leon Craig: “Freaky, it was really scary. Painful and scary.”

Leon Craig was just walking across the street when he’s hit and on the ground. You saw the violent impact, and he told 7News what was going through his mind at the time.

Leon Craig: “When it hit me from the back, I didn’t know what was going on at that point. The next thing I knew, there were tires rolling over me. I was surprised. I was still conscience.”

Craig has his own business as an air conditioning contractor.

He was getting supplies in Northwest Miami-Dade on a June afternoon last year.

Leon Craig: “Just kind of went blurry for a minute.”

He didn’t see the truck coming. Craig suffered broken bones throughout his body.

Leon Craig: “I had a broken leg, damage to my knees, my legs, my hips.”

The driver of the county truck was ticketed with careless driving. But Craig’s attorney says the county has done nothing to help him.

Nick Gerson, Craig’s attorney: “The county officials have been here and they looked at the video. They know what happened. We know what happened. And now you know what happened. All the county has to do is to acknowledge their responsibility.”

In the meantime, Craig’s medical bills are piling up.

Nick Gerson: “This is not the way local government should be run. This is the not way people of the county should be treated.”

Leon Craig: “I’m just a little guy out here trying to make a living. It’s terrible feeling, like the little guy.”

We reached out to the county. They released this statement: “Mr. Craig is represented by counsel and the county is communicating with the attorney. Because the case is currently being negotiated, we are unable to comment further.”

Leon Craig: “I’m a little angry that it keeps going on and on without any response. There is that frustration level, I’m sure. My wife asks me about it all the time, ‘What are they doing?’ and I’m like, ‘I don’t know what they’re doing.'”

Leon Craig: “There is no justice, apparently. It’s sad. I’ve lived in this county a long time and I like it here. It’s sad.”

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