Body camera reveals police perspective at MLK shooting

(WSVN) - They were terrifying moments. Gunfire ringing out during a Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. celebration. Eight people, including children, were injured… and officers sprang into action. Now, we have a new perspective. A police body camera video was just released. Rosh Lowe spoke exclusively with the officers and has the video in tonight’s edition of the Lowedown.

It is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day — a celebration is interrupted by gunfire.

Yamil De La Nuez, Miami-Dade Police (on body camera video): “Take cover, watch out. Get behind me. Get behind me. Yeah, just stay down.”

Stay down because bullets were flying.

This Miami-Dade officer takes cover behind a rescue truck.

A gun shot victim is found on the ground. He can’t walk. This week, we saw the arrest of two teens — Gerrell Brownlee and Robert Britt — who, police say, were responsible for the shooting of eight people, including children as young as 11 years old.

And now, for the first time, Miami-Dade Police released body camera footage from that day.

Watch as officers carry a victim to a rescue truck.

Yamil De La Nuez: “At that point, we are applying pressure to the wound as we are taking him out to the fire rescue, applying pressure to the wound.”

The hectic moments minutes after the shooting all caught on-camera.

Yamil De La Nuez: “You are trying to help people out the best you can. At the same time, trying to save your life, your partner’s life. It’s a unique feeling.”

Body cameras gives us all such a unique opportunity. Yamil De La Nuez, who has the body camera and the video you are seeing, is only 22 years old. He’s been on the force for six months, but on that day, he needed to jump into action to save lives.

Yamil De La Nuez: “It was a lot of commotion. A lot of people running. A lot of my partners, officers taking cover, trying to figure out where the fire was coming from.”

7News was the only station there to witness the commotion. Look at this as officers carry the wounded to get help.

Yamil De La Nuez’s body camera: “Does anybody have the subject’s description?”

It’s taken to a new level when you can hear what the officers are saying, you can hear they don’t even have a suspect description yet. But their first priority was saving lives.

Jarvys Duran, Miami-Dade Police: “Martin Luther King preached positivity, and the fact that a day that we celebrate for him has to end in chaos like this… everybody just needs to get a long and enjoy a peaceful day.”

That peace clearly shattered and young lives changed forever.

Keionna Green, shooting victim: “I was scared. I thought I was going to die that day.”

And Keionna was not the only one grateful she made it out alive.

Yamil De La Nuez: “I went home and I thought this could have been the day I didn’t make it home and my partners didn’t make it home. Now, the public has an opportunity to see what we go through basically on a daily basis. And they get to see we are trying to do our jobs and help everyone out.”

And you see that…

This officer kneeling over a victim realizing that moments are precious. Life is precious. And doing everything possible to save that life… even if it means picking up that body and running through a park facing the unknown. That’s the job. A job that we see clearly now… through the lens of a body camera.

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