I'd love to say Hi-ho silver, but the new "Lone Ranger" is definitely Tonto's take on how the masked man came to be. Hometown hottie Johnny Depp stars as the mystical American Indian. We caught up in Santa Fe, New Mexico – where the majority of the film was shot.Shireen: "I'm not used to what's behind you because I'm used to the ocean." JOHNNY DEPP: "Yes you are."Shireen: "Yes I am."JOHNNY DEPP: "It's a pretty special place, New Mexico."To become Tonto Johnny shed his shirt and rode bare-back on a horse. All with really good form. JOHNNY DEPP: "The stunt guys make us look good too. We had some really amazing stunt guys."But that didn't stop him from getting tossed on his tuckus during filming. Shireen: "You were on a horse, you fell off a horse, you were on top of a moving train."JOHNNY DEPP: "Yeah."Shireen: "When you're doing stunts like this where do you put yourself mentally because some of it can be dangerous?"JOHNNY DEPP: "Yeah, it can be dangerous and you know it's dangerous. The trust is in the technicians. You're bound up to a moving train,  you know at a pretty good clip, it's an odd feeling but I didn't feel fear once."As usual, Johnny transforms into character.  Shireen: "What was the inspiration behind the hair and make up and incorporating the Native American feel?"JOHNNY DEPP: "I was trying to define Tonto you know and I ran across a painting on the Internet that had this image of a guy with white clay, and four black lines, so, that became the basis for Tonto."Even though he's a bonafide superstar and an acting legend, he remembers his roots. Shireen: "Do you make it back to Miami often?"JOHNNY DEPP: "I do you know, I get there a couple times of year. I come down to see friends, family go to a Dolphins game."Shireen: "Yeah, of course"JOHNNY DEPP: "Gotta go to a Dolphins game.""The Lone Ranger" is fun, fast paced and the perfect summer movie. Shireen: "Out of time, it's never enough."JOHNNY DEPP: "Never enough."Shireen: "It's always great to see you."JOHNNY DEPP: "Great to see you."Shireen: "Miami misses you and we love it when you come home."JOHNNY DEPP: "I miss Miami too. I'll be there soon .. I think.""The Lone Ranger" is in theaters now.

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