Saddle up partner. "The Lone Ranger" is riding into town.

The movie stars Johnny Depp as Tonto and Armie Hammer as the Lone Ranger. The flick is Tonto's take on how the daring duo met and how the West was won when they teamed up to catch a crazy criminal.

Recently, I headed West to catch up with the cast of the movie in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I spent a lot of time there drooling over Armie. It was the desert, it was hot … what can I say?

Shireen: "Let's say I were to wear a mask like yours on TV, what kind of advice would you give me? It's got to be challenging to act or emote with. "

ARMIE HAMMER: "Yeah, it's difficult."

Shireen: "With a mask on."

ARMIE HAMMER: "You gotta make sure the mask is right, so you have to make sure it covers the right amount, without covering too much and shows enough, while still being enough to hide your identity."

Shireen: "Can you act with your pupils?"

ARMIE HAMMER: "You gotta throw your shoulders into it/"

Shireen "OK got it."

Armie said all the action made the role extra bumpy. Keeping his pants on, I mean his hat – was no easy trick.

Shireen: "How in the world did that hat stay on?"


Shireen: "They super glued it?"

ARMIE HAMMER: "Industrial strength, double stick tack."

ARMIE HAMMER: "There on my forehead."

When it came to that signature head gear, no stone was left un-taped – it was one wild hootenanny.

ARMIE HAMMER: "Then there were loops that they would stick a bunch of pins in. Then when we would do a bunch of horse back riding, there would be a clear band that came under."

Shireen: "Shut up."

ARMIE HAMMER: "It was super tight and so uncomfortable."

Shireen: "That is so ghetto fabulous."

As if the hat and mask weren't rascal-ly enough.

Shireen: "What kind of tan lines do you get in the desert? In Miami we get the typical bathing suit tan lines, here you know.

ARMIE HAMMER: "Here your tan."

Shireen: "From the neck up?"

ARMIE HAMMER: "Yeah, and especially because I was wearing gloves, too and from here down on my face."

ARMIE HAMMER: "Uh, yeah but it's just aging so prematurely due to the sun."

I'm not gonna lie, I like a man with a neck.

Some day this week, I ride off into sunset with Johnny Depp. We talk about the desert and other things you may find interesting. In the meantime, use the restroom, eat and maybe drink some water this is a long movie, but I think you'll be entertained.

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