The call – Morris Chestnut

911 what's your emergency?  In the new movie: "The call." There's a girl locked in a trunk and operator actress Halle Barry tries to save her life.  Halle gets some help from actor Morris Chestnut. Shireen: "You play a cop.."MORRIS CHESTNUT: "Yeah."Shireen: "Might I add, in a very nice way…you look very good in your uniform."MORRIS CHESTNUT: "Thank you very much."Shireen: "Did you wear that out? or home.."MORRIS CHESTNUT: "No, no."Shireen: "Did you arrest anyone? It wasn't just like velcro so you could rip it off?"MORRIS CHESTNUT: "no, it wasn't like velcro so i couldn't rip it off."Shireen: "In all seriousness, you did do some ride alongs. MORRIS CHESTNUT: "Yes."Shireen: "What was that experience like?"MORRIS CHESTNUT: "Yes, i did ride alongs with the LAPD. It was a very eye opening experience. You never know as a police officer,  what you're walking into."Once "The Call" starts the battery never ends. MORRIS CHESTNUT: "This movie is super suspenseful, very engaging thriller. that has you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end."Halfway thru Halle and Morris realize — they're not just saving a life they've found a wanted serial killer yikes. Shireen: "Everybody loves a great suspense movie. A suspense thriller, do you have one over the years that you can always watch? And keep coming back to?"MORRIS CHESTNUT: "One of my most memorable ones is Silence of the Lambs."Shireen: "That's a great one. Another thing senator I love the suit."MORRIS CHESTNUT: "Okay, look at you! MORRIS CHESTNUT: "Hopefully this will be that kind of movie, where people go and watch it over and over."Speaking of over & over. Morris is what I call a slow but steady rising star. He's been acting for decades and he keeps getting better.   Shireen: "You really have had, much like halle, longevity in your career.. that's really hard to do in hollywood."MORRIS CHESTNUT: "I think if you hang around long enough you get lucky at what you're trying to do. it's whether you're prepared when you do get that luck. that's my opinon. for me to be here this long is a blessing from God."MORRIS CHESTNUT: "Thank you to all my fans out there, i've had fans out there that have supported me for a couple of decades. they've been there for me and I truly appreciate them."LIST: – Drink, check.- popcorn, check.- empty bladder, double check Because you're not gonna wanna miss a second of this movie: Shireen: "Well they love you in Miami and the film opens March 15th."MORRIS CHESTNUT: "Go see the call march 15th you will not regret. She will give you your money back."MORRIS CHESTNUT: "If you do not like it."Shireen: "And we'll charge that to deco drive."