You won't need to charge your battery after seeing Halle Berry's new film "The Call."B4 my interview in Hollywood, CA  Halle made a stop in MIA, but didn't give us all the deets on the drama. Until now.Shireen "What would you tell viewers about the movie and what they'll experience when they see it?"HALLE BERRY: "I think this is, not just because I'm in it. And I watched this like a movie goer because so much of it, I wasn't in." Shireen: "Right."HALLE BERRY: "I think this is a fast paced, edge of your seat thriller, where women will feel they are completely empowered."Halle plays a 911 operator who gets "The Call" from a teenager who's been abducted and taken hostage the movie's about Halle's agressive fight to find her.Shireen: "You were able to spend some time with people that work for 911. what was that like?" HALLE BERRY: "That was eye-opening. I've often wondered, who are the people that answer these 911 calls? We had a chance to look into this whole world, to see who these people are. I was fascinated."Berry is fascinating herself she's one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood she simply keeps on keeping on. Shireen: "You've had such a fabulous, great career. you're an academy award winner. what do you think, in your opinion especially in Tinsle Town, gives someone longevity in Hollywood?"HALLE BERRY: "I approach it by i just want to keep doing all the things I love. Keep taking risks and challenges. And I think you have to accept yourself for the stage in life you are."And Halle has done just that.HALLE BERRY: "As you age you have to accept that. You have to do that with grace and start playing roles for whom you really are, not who you think you are." Shireen: "Right."HALLE BERRY: "Or who you used to be."B4 you see it grab someone you wanna squeeze tight cuz "The Call" will make you flinch, jump and check the battery bars on your phone you know, just in case. I can't tell you if Halle saves the day, but maybe you can guess it's.

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