WSVN — If you love concerts, our first app makes sure you never miss your favorite bands. "Songkick" scans your music library and tracks your favorite artists and their tour schedules.

Rachel rollar: "The app shows you exactly who's coming, where they're coming, where to get tickets and how far it is from you, and a map to get there. It's perfect."

You'll also get a list of other acts playing around town by date so you'll never miss out on a great night of live music.

If you'd rather entertain yourself in the great outdoors, "Oh, Ranger! Park Finder" shows state and national parks nearest you with all of your favorite activities. Choose from 20 different categories to find exactly what you'd like to do. From camping to water sports the app also includes weather and maps.

If you'd rather hit a theme park this summer, you'll want "Ride Hopper" in your pocket at all times. The app shows you how long you'll have to wait for your favorite rides in more than 260 parks worldwide. Find out which rides to run to and ones you might want to try later.

Park hours, showtimes and ride descriptions with height requirements let you plan ahead. For an app-solutely perfect day.


Oh, Ranger! ParkFinder*iPhone


Ride Hopper*iPhone, Android

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