The new movie "Starbuck" is not about coffee. It's about a stiff shot of something else. Shireen: "I've heard you guys describe this movie as a movie about masturbation and fatherhood."The uber successful french Canadian film is about a father – five hundred times over – because he donated lots 'oh sperm.  Fast forward – a few years later and the question's inevitable — who's your daddy?KEN SCOTT: "We had a whole lot to say about what fatherhood is today."shireen cutaway I don't think we would have written the same movie 10, 15 years ago."This film isn't just funny – it's pretty close to fabulous. It's the best thing I've seen in a long time, no pun intended. Maybe a lil. Shireem: "What resonated and stayed with you after the film perhaps, after the movie was made?"PATRICK HUARD: "This whole thing, reading the script, and talking about fatherhood and kids and everything, and meeting my wife as well, opened up this thing again." PATRICK HUARD: "I have a 15 month boy."Shireen: "Mazeltov."Wow talk about getting into character. KEN: "The crazy thing is when I started to write the script. It came out on the news that there were 250 kids."KEN: "There are several cases of sperm donors that end up with 150, 250, 500 kids."Yes, the movie has subtitles. But you could wait it out. Shireen: "I heard a rumor that you are making an American version is that true and how far along are you in the process?"KEN: "We shot the remake last September and we're in post production right now."Starbuck's American name: "The Delivery Man" and apparently, he does ring twice. "Starbuck" opens in theatres this weekend.  Kleenex not included. I mean if you cry people.

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