Wrist Watch: High fashion bracelet offers high-tech protection

(WSVN) - Women have a new weapon to protect themselves, and this one they can wear. 7’s Jeff Lennox has the story on this “Wrist Watch.”

A late night walk in a parking garage. An evening jog after work. These are times when women can feel vulnerable.

As a new mom, Ashley Chavez thinks about things like that all the time. She’s also worried about 4-month-old Avalon’s safety.

Ashley Chavez: “Things happen. You get kidnapped, you get your purse stolen in a car.”

Which is why she bought a new device called WiseWear.

Ashley Chavez: “I went to the website and looked at the pictures of it. I was like, ‘Oh my God, this is gorgeous.'”

It’s high fashion meets high-tech protection.

Ashley Chavez: “If I needed help and I couldn’t think, it’s very easy. It’s on my wrist.”

WiseWear is the brainchild of Gerald J. Wilmink.

The bracelet has built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, which allows the wearer to link their smartphone to the bracelet through a free app.

You program the bracelet to notify friends or family if you’re in trouble and can’t get to your phone.

Gerald J. Wilmink, CEO and founder of WiseWear: “You make the gesture which arms the system, tap the bracelet. It vibrates and sets off a message.”

A text message is then sent directly to your emergency contacts.

The message tells the person on the other end exactly where you are. It does not tell them what your emergency is, but they can call the police on your behalf.

Gerald J. Wilmink, CEO and founder of WiseWear: “We’ve sold a lot of these devices to college women.”

At some point in the future, the bracelets may be linked directly to 911.

But for now, Ashley is thankful that no matter where she is, she’s never alone, because of this wrist watch.

Ashley Chavez: “There’s so many things happening in the world, unfortunately. To purchase something that looks amazing and feels amazing, and provides amazing information, I don’t see why you wouldn’t buy it.”

WiseWear costs about $300, but the company is currently working on a lower cost version. They hope to release it soon.

For more information on WiseWear, visit http://wisewear.com/.

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