So Long Cellulite

(WSVN) - For most women … it’s their number one complaint about their body: cellulite — which leaves legs and other areas looking bumpy. But there’s a new treatment that’s helping women say, ‘So long cellulite.’

Ashley Blazer: “I gained over 65 pounds with him. My hips got a lot wider and my thighs and a lot more cellulite.”

Ashley was able to lose the baby weight… But those little fat dimples that came with her son Carter just wouldn’t go away.

Ashley Blazer: “It’s just not attractive, the cottage cheese-looking effect. Definitely would not wear anything white and I wouldn’t wear anything that was above my knees.”

She tried everything to get rid of the cellulite…

Ashley Blazer: “I’d use, like, these creams and everything, like, that promised they were going to work, but the creams didn’t do anything. I went to the next step and looked at what treatments I can find.”

And that’s when she found Dr. Janet Allenby and a new procedure called Cellfina.

Dr. Janet Allenby, Allenby Dermatology: “We finally have something that we can actually see results that are long-term with, and that is why this is such a revolutionary type of procedure.”

Cellulite is actually caused by fibrous bands which pull down the skin. That causes the fat to dimple.

The only way to get rid of cellulite is to break those bands.

Dr. Janet Allenby: “It’s almost like a rubber band. You break the rubber band and boom, it just pops back up.”

Here’s how it works: Dr. Allenby marks the area and then puts the Cellfina device in place. It sucks the skin into the hand piece. The area is numbed and the doctor inserts a tiny instrument under the skin and then cuts the bands.

Dr. Janet Allenby: “Usually last an hour and a half depending on the person. You can go to work the next day.”

Ashley noticed the results right away

Ashley Blazer: “A couple of weeks afterwards, I’d be getting out the shower and my husband would be like, ‘Wow you are smooth back there, you can really tell the difference.’ So that built my confidence a lot.”

But smooth skin does come at a price.

Dr. Janet Allenby: “Costs can run anywhere from $1,500 to $4,000, depending on how much cellulite they have.”

Ashley says it’s all worth it because she can now wear whatever she wants, from short shorts to polka dot bikinis!

Ashley Blazer: “I go to the beach now and I can still wear my bathing suit and… a lot more confidence.”

Cellfina is FDA approved and considered a surgical procedure that improves the appearance of cellulite for up to two years with minimal side effects.

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