(WSVN) - Either you love grocery shopping or you hate it. If it’s not so fun for you, there’s good news for Publix shoppers: You can now get your groceries to go. Katrina Bush has our Nightteam special assignment report.

Making time to go to the grocery store can be a chore.

Lila, Instacart Miami: “From the young family who’s just too busy with young toddlers to shop, to the young professional who may need to stay at work a little longer, to someone who may just want to go on a run and not necessarily need to go to the store.”

But shopping can be a pleasure when you can get someone else to do it for you. Instacart grocery delivery has just expanded their services to Publix.

Nicole Krauss, Publix: “There’s a lot of interest on behalf of our customers, and we’re looking forward to serving them in collaboration with Instacart.”

Officials say the collaboration between the two companies just made sense.

Lila: “I don’t think you can live in Miami without knowing what a strong presence Publix has.”

Busy shoppers like Eleana are excited they won’t have to spend time grocery shopping anymore.

Eleana Urquiza: “With the everyday hustle and bustle, it’s a great option and it’s convenient. It’s great!”

Instacart does not have a membership fee. You only pay when you order. You just go online, choose your groceries, and your Instacart shopper handles the rest.

Lila: “Our system then assigns your basket to a shopper, and that shopper will go through very carefully and select those items with utmost care.”

And if something is out of stock, your shopper will call or text you with replacement options. You can also follow the process on your phone or online to see who is shopping and delivering your groceries.

And the best part? You can get your groceries within two hours for $5.99.

Lila: “The value that we put on our time is huge, and so we really believe that the $5.99 delivery price is very minimal for what you’re getting in return.”

Eric Gonzalez: “It would be great because you save a lot of time. That’s the most important thing.”

Customers are raving about the convenience and getting their groceries to go.

Eric Gonzalez: “Awesome! Save me a lot of time!”

Instacart will do your shopping in a variety of stores, and they are offering 7News viewers a special discount.






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