Former Realtor accused of stealing thousands of dollars from clients

(WSVN) - He’s accused of taking thousands of dollars in deposits from clients for rental homes and then disappearing with the cash. Now the Broward state attorney is under pressure to put him behind bars while he awaits trial. That’s because as 7News reporter Brandon Beyer tells us, new people are coming forward claiming he’s stealing homes.

When Dan and Natalie found out they were moving from Charleston to Fort Lauderdale, they went online to find a Realtor. They got a call back from an agent who said his name was Dan.

Dan Scantlan, real estate client: “We get a message back saying that he would love to show us around and take us to multiple properties that we were interested in.”

What they didn’t know was that Dan Stephens was actually Mohamed Donald, a former licensed real estate sales associate who has been charged with grand theft. Police say he takes a customer’s deposit money for a rental home but doesn’t follow through.

Dan Scantlan: “It’s a nice place. Great location.”

Dan and Natalie picked a house and wrote Donald two checks totaling $7,350. The newly engaged couple were in the middle of their move when they realized the checks were cashed, but the house had not been secured, and Donald was not returning their calls.

Dan Scantlan: “The movers were right behind us, so we have to find a place in the next three days without having all the money that we lost, you know, so it was really, really intense.”

Mohamed Donald was arrested in February and again in April on charges stemming from phony real estate deals. He got out on bond both times and seemingly went right back to business.

Dan Scantlan: “I’m out $7,350. For him to be out on bond doing this, it’s insane.”

In just the past month, 7News has collected 10 new police reports from cities like Hollywood, Sunrise, Plantation, Pembroke Pines and Fort Lauderdale — all from individuals who claim to have lost thousands of dollars to Donald, and all of these new cases have occurred since Donald has been out on bond.

Stacie Roy: “He should be a millionaire by now because he’s allowed to be out there.”

Stacie says Donald took almost $7,000 from her son in a bogus rental deal last year.

Stacie Roy: “It’s not even about the money any more, it’s about getting a criminal off the streets so this doesn’t happen to any more people.”

Donald is now waiting for trial in her son’s case. Until then, he’s required to make appearances in court. This day, the state attorney asked the judge to take away his pre-trial freedom.

No comment from Donald but an objection from his attorney let him keep his freedom for now.

Judge Ernest Kollra: “We’re going to set the motion to revoke bond for the 28th at 11 o’clock.”

Donald was released again until Nov. 28.

That’s disappointing news for people like Stacie and Dan and Natalie, who want to see justice done.

Dan Scantlan: “He’s very methodical with how he does things, and it’s scary because he can get anybody. That’s the sad part.”

Stacy Roy: “Just beware. All of you beware — Mohamed Donald. Do your homework before you buy a home, rent a home, with this man.”

The hearing to see if Donald’s bond will be revoked is set for Tuesday at 11 a.m.

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