Martin Amado: “If you’re looking for some last minute decorating ideas for your pumpkins, not to worry. On today’s Room for Improvement, I have some simple tips that will set the mood for your party or the trick-or-treaters when they come knocking on your door.”

Martin Amado: “Of course you can use real pumpkins for any of these projects, but who wants to deal with the mess? Instead, I like using these that you can buy at any craft store, and it saves us so much time. Let’s begin.”

Martin Amado: “For the first project, we’re not carving into the pumpkin, but we’re still creating the face of a jack-o’-lantern with duct tape.”

Martin Amado: “You can leave it as is or top it off with a hat of your choice. I like the hat.”

Martin Amado: “From traditional, we move on to something with a bit more bling. I’m taking these black-and-white Styrofoam pumpkins and I’m embellishing the front with these rhinestone stickers. Super, super easy.”

Martin Amado: “Just peel and stick.”

Martin Amado: “If you’re looking for something a little more sophisticated, for a party maybe, you can take the same pumpkin and simply dress it up literally, with a mask and a hat.”

Martin Amado: “You can also get the kids involved with these pre-cut wood shapes. Just stick them in the pumpkin.”

Martin Amado: “Even though it’s not a real pumpkin, it’s still carvable, which is what I love.”

Martin Amado: “By removing the duct tape and placing a fall arrangement in the center, now we have a beautiful centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table.”

Martin Amado: “A final project is to turn these miniature pumpkins into tea light holders that work great for any party. And for that, we need the real thing.”

Martin Amado: “The idea is to place a glass tea light holder into the very center, and for that, I need a hole saw that’s a bit wider than the base.”

Martin Amado: “And there you have it. You don’t have to be an artist to decorate a pumpkin. Just be creative and have fun with it. Until next time, happy Halloween and I’ll catch you here on 7News.”

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