WSVN — Diane Scott, Sister: "He tried everything. I mean, diving, fishing, hunting, traveling of course."

Russell began his career as a Navy fighter pilot. And for the past 18 years was an American Airlines pilot, giving him the freedom to go biking in South Dakota, skiing in Colorado, lobster diving in the Keys. He had it all. A great career, a lot of friends and a loving family.

Julie Modzelewski, Family Friend: "He was a special guy. Everybody who worked with him and knew him loved him."

In January, Russell was planning to meet people in Colorado for a skiing trip. When his family couldn't contact him for a few days they thought he had changed his mind and gone to his vacation home in South Dakota.

Diane Scott: "We're thinking, well he doesn't have good reception maybe where he's skiing, because they're up really high and stuff, so we thought that's what happened."

After a few more days passed by Diane got worried and asked Juliana to go to Russel's house to check on him.

Julie Modzelewski: "When I had gone to the door to knock on the door there was a terrible odor and I just, that confirmed it for me. I just knew that Russ wasn't alive."

Police showed up and confirmed the dead man inside the home was Russell Walker.

Detective Tim Duggan, BSO: "The scene was very violent and that Mr. Walker expired as a result of severe violence."

Police then had to call Diane in San Diego.

Diane Scott: "It was just such a shock. You don't want to accept it. Maybe they're wrong. Maybe it's someone else. Maybe it's not Russ. I can't believe he's not going to come in the door."

Russel Walker had been dead for over a week, maybe even 10 days. Tragic for his family and difficult for detectives because not knowing when Russel was murdered makes it more difficult to determine who murdered him.

Detective Duggan: "And now you have to go back and slowly and meticulously try to put the pieces back together to make sure that they fit perfectly."

So far the puzzle has not fallen into place, but he is convinced a case can be put together.

Detective Duggan: "I have no doubt that this case is going to be solved. I have no doubt whatsoever. We're just chipping away is what we're doing."

Russell's friends and family are desperate to know who did it, to find out why they did it.

Diane Scott: "Just an answer why, and you know, it won't make it any better, it would just put an end to that part of the grief, I guess."

Find some answers even though the answers may not make any sense.

Julie Modzelewski: "I just don't know. I don't understand because if you talked to anybody who knew him, anybody, they all loved him."

Everybody loved him, one person killed him. Now, someone who knows something has to say something.

Julie Modzelewski: "Please, open up your heart and just, just go to the police and tell them anything just to give his mother, his sister, his brother and his nieces and nephews some peace."

If you have any information about Russell Walker detectives say give them a call. The information may not seem like much to you, but to Detective Duggan it may be the missing piece in this murder puzzle.

And, if you would like to help catch the killer of your loved one give us a call to help all the people who are still out for justice.


Broward Crime Stoppers: 954-493-TIPS

Out For Justice: 305-598-HELP (4357) Miami-Dade or 954-796-HELP (4357) in Broward

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