Room for Improvement: Stop Slipping

Makeover maestro Martin Amado has an easy solution for those pesky photo frames that get crooked over time.

Martin "Hi guys and thanks for joining me online! Does it drive you crazy when you see photo frames hanging on the wall and over time they get all crooked? It does me!"

Martin Amado: "I have an easy solution, and all it requires are these self-adhesive rubber bumpers."

Martin Amado: "Place one bumper on each corner of the bottom half of the frame."

Martin Amado: "Hang it back on the nail and use a level to get it perfectly straight. The rubber bumpers prevent the frames from sliding on the wall."

Martin Amado: "And, there you go! I'm such a perfectionist when it comes to these details. Thanks for joining me online at, and I'll see you next time on another Room for Improvement."

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Martin Amado