WSVN — Sometimes, to get the right look, you just need to show your space a little love. In tonight's Room for Improvement, our makeover maestro shows you how to add a little romance to your bedroom.

Martin Amado: "On today's Room for Improvement, even though we have this gorgeous bed to work with, everything else around it is pretty much a blank slate. It needs all the decorative touches to make this space a more relaxing environment at the end of the day. So, let's get to work."

Martin Amado: "One of the first things I want to tackle is the furniture layout. At the moment, the cable for the television is completely visible and actually goes across the doorway, which is a no-no. So, we're going to solve that by moving the television to the wall, where it belongs."

Martin Amado: "I can assure you, this mini office is not working for the homeowner. Let's get it out of the room."

Martin Amado: "So, I'm placing the chest on that wall, the bed on this wall and then the media cabinet over to this wall."

Martin Amado: "Now we have a better distribution, and all that's missing is a nightstand, because I don't think the lamp was meant to be on the floor."

Martin Amado: "I love the round shape. It breaks up all the 'squareness' in the room, and now I need a new lamp, because this one is not up to par."

Martin Amado: "I'm hanging a heavy mirror here so we always need to use the right anchors to hold the weight."

Martin Amado: "I love the trend of using inspirational quotes and phrases in home decor, especially through wall art. It's positive reinforcement every time you look at it."

Martin Amado: "By adding some textured sheers across the entire window, it helps dress up this wall."

Martin Amado: "Just lots of pillows on a bed. That's all I need."

Martin Amado: "To give a bed a luxurious look, combine different layers, with patterns and textures."

Martin Amado: "I'm adding more hidden storage on this bottom shelf with these decorative boxes. They look great, and more space to hide all the small stuff."

Martin Amado: This morning, the bedroom was lacking romance, so I showed it some love with a new furniture layout, beautiful bedding and all the decorative accessories to compliment the space. And if you're looking for more storage solutions for a bedroom, I have the perfect piece in our Online Extra at So, I'll meet you there. Until next time, I'm Martin Amado for 7News."

Do you have a space that needs a little romancing? Give Martin a call at 305-576-HOME or 954-962-HOME.

Martin Amado

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