Rodney Pierre was the kind of son a mother was proud to have.

Jenine Pierre: "If am hungry he would live his job and bring something for me. I never find a son like that."

Jenine Pierre: "A good son, a good father facing a good future."

Jenine Pierre: "Nice, nice, nice always do people favor."

But life didn't do Rodney any favors. 12 years ago he called his mother to let her know he was going to church.

Jenine Pierre: "Mom, I'm going to be in the choir."

Rodney went to church then stopped by his cousin's house in North Miami to drop off a check.

Detective Donald Slovonik: "As they are talking two individuals walked by. They were black males and they walk by the car and one turned and he shot Rodney through the open window in the left side of his arm, and unfortunately the bullet launched in his head."

Rodney was rushed to the hospital but he died.

12 years of pain for his mother, 12 years of detectives wondering what was the motive for the killing?

Detective Donald Slovonik: "And I think even as we sit here today, we are wondering why it happened?"

Patrick Fraser: "At first, detectives thought the case could be solved. They had a witness Rodney's cousin who was talking to him and gave detectives a good description of the suspects. Then a woman who stepped forward and said a friend had heard another friend talking about the murder."

Detective Donald Slovonik: "Jimmy was on the phone talking to someone and made again according to the mother a comment, 'Andy shouldn't have shot that guy.'"

But then people started denying and retracting and the people who might have known something about the murder stopped talking.

Years passed, then cold case Detective Donald Slovinink looked at the case and thought this can be solved.

Detective Donald Slovonik: "We have a lot of information and we feel that there is a lot more information out there. As a matter a fact, we know that there is a lot more information out there."

People may know who killed Rodney, but they wont say probably out of fear. However, they should not be afraid.

Detective Donald Slovonik: "The family and friends are the ones that we need, hopefully, will hear this request and contact us. Certainly anything that they say to us will hold in confidence to the degree we are not going to say, oh somebody said this or somebody said this."

No motive, no killers, but clues out there somewhere Rodney's own mother has asked people that police suspect know something for answers.

Jenine Pierre: "I pray to God to help me. Who did that to my son because he hurt me. I will never forget, never, never. I might die and I never forget my son."

Patrick Fraser: "12 years ago in North Miami Rodney was murdered. 12 years later, one phone call could solve a case. If you know anything about the murder of Rodney Pierre, North Miami cold case detectives would appreciate a call."


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