WSVN — If your mom's wardrobe is totally out of date, don't make her toss her favorite things. Instead, recycle them!

Kayce Armstrong, designer, Art of Shade: "I don't see an old garment, I see what it could be."

Designer Kayce Armstrong of Art of Shade is taking old and often ugly clothes and turning them into something new and fresh.

K.P. Cote, shopper: "You know those things in your closet that you love and wear over and over and then they go out of style? That's when you take them to Kayce."

Kayce Armstrong: "Bring it to me, and I'm going to cut that thing up and add in some other materials and supplies. We're going to make something brand new and amazing."

Kayce is always hunting through vintage shops and garage sales, looking for those perfect pieces that can be used to recreate an outfit. She can see promise in anything from place mats to bed sheets, like this strappy white dress.

Kayce Armstrong: "Yeah, we used a lot of really beautiful, high quality sheets for that dress."

She also loves turning men's shirts into women's dresses.

Kayce Armstrong: "This is composed of two men's shirts. I took a Hawaiian-looking button-down shirt and a really nice men's striped shirt and made a really beautiful summer dress."

Our challenge to her, transform a mom outfit into something cool.

Kayce Armstrong: "This is a total mom jacket. I think I am able and inspired to turn this into something brand new."

So we watched her rip up and whip up a new creation, going from this shoulder-padded jacket to this totally cute top in less than an hour!

Kayce Armstrong: "If you're a hip mom, you can wear it with jeans or with heels. We also used a pair of pants to make the strapping. It's no longer mom's ugly jacket. It's really fresh, it's new."

K.P. Cote loved the shirt so much she bought it! She often raids her own closet and takes outdated clothes to Kayce for extreme makeovers.

K.P. Cote: "You always feel good that knowing that nothing new was created, there's no damage to the earth, such a clean footprint."

So, recycle. It's good for the earth and your wardrobe!

If you don't have anything to recycle, stop by Kayce's Hollywood shop, the Shade Post. She carries anything from dresses to bathing suits.


The Shade Post 2028 Harrison Street, Suite 102 Hollywood, FL 954-920-0029

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