If you're gonna be taking party tips from someone: It may as well be from a person who's done more than enough of it. Who better than Pauly D,  to introduce us to a new line of drinks.Designed to get you in the mood — to do it all night long. Party, that is. I'm always in the mood. You may know him from the Jersey Shore, But Pauly D has come a long way from his party-ing ways.Well. Maybe things haven't changed that much. Pauly D met up with Deco over at Golf Liquors while promoting his new line of pre-mixed cocktails, appropriately called Remix. Pauly D: "Remix, ready to drink, remember that: RTD ready To Drink, Remix takeover."According to D, his drink is so hot right now, the only place that could handle all that heat, is the magic city.Pauly D: "Right now, Remix is sweeping the scene, its just here in Miami right now for the first time, its the big launch."We're not surprised. The cocktails are especially designed for "pre-gaming" thats a scientific term for pre – drinking before going out to party.Pauly D: "We pregame before we go out, sometimes I pregame harder than people go out so I wanna pregame something nice and easy, go to the liquor store, grab it."Drinking Remix doesn't require much mixing.Pauly D: "You dont need to mix it with anything else, all you do is add ice."It does require figuring out what flavor you want to go with.Pauly D: "I got four different flavors, and its killing the scene right now."The four include variations of fruity and spicy kinda like Pauly D.Pauly D: "You drink it, it starts the mood and it ends the mood and I mean I don't drink anything else but Remix."And if you're on a Deco Drive budget, Don't sweat it!  You can get Pauly D's Remix cocktails for $9.99 a bottle.

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