ORLANDO, FLA. (WSVN) - A man who survived a hit-and-run after a driver struck him with his car in front of his home is speaking out following the ordeal.

Matthew Gerren was run over by a driver of a blue Acura in front of his home on April 14.

Officials identified the driver as Dante Styles.

Footage outside the home captured Styles hitting Gerren head-on.

Gerren struck the windshield of Styles’ car and was dragged along the street.

Gerren says he tried to get a photo of the driver who followed his fiance home after cutting her off on the road.

Gerren’s fiance, Jessica Myers, recalled the incident.

“I thought, in that moment, he was gone,” said Myers, “Like, in that moment, I just lost him.”

Styles is now out on bond, but Gerren is still worried about his family’s safety.

“If he could do it to somebody, one person, he can do it to other people ’cause he has complete disregard for human life,” said Myers.

Gerren was in the hospital for several days and is now recovering from a broken wrist, fractured vertebrae and road rash.

“I just didn’t wanna die,” said Gerren, “I didn’t wanna die. I was scared when he hit me with the car. It was surreal, and I thought I was gonna die.”

Styles has been charged with aggravated battery with a motor vehicle.

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