WSVN — A breakfast nook is where many of us start our day. In today’s Room for Improvement, our makeover maestro is sprucing this area up with easy fixes so you’ll be back to sipping that cup of joe in a jiffy.

Martin Amado: "On today’s Room for Improvement, we are decorating a breakfast nook. It’s typically a space right next to the kitchen, which means it doesn’t have to be as formal as a dining room, but it can still have a style all its own. Let’s get to work."

Martin Amado: "We’re dealing with a small area, so one of the biggest changes is coming from the paint. Right now, we have a sunflower yellow. Not quite working for me, so let’s change it up!"

Martin Amado: "Now, this color reminds me more of a cappuccino, which I think goes perfect in a breakfast nook."

Martin Amado: "I’m cutting in first around all the baseboards, the outlets and the ceiling with a paintbrush, and then I’m painting the walls with a roller."

Martin Amado: "Another tip is to buy the paint already mixed in with the primer. It will save you time because you won’t have to apply multiple coats on the wall."

Martin Amado: "These glass blocks are a dated element in the space, but nothing a beautiful woven blind won’t fix."

Martin Amado: "Now, let’s bring in the table."

Martin Amado: "I chose a glass top because it keeps the space visually open, and number two, it’s easier to clean."

Martin Amado: "So, the wicker chairs now tie in with the woven blind."

Martin Amado: "I incorporated seating for four, but if you have a smaller space, you can also create a bistro set and only place seating for two."

Martin Amado: "So, I know the images are kind of cliché, but because it’s on a canvas, it gives it more modern style."

Martin Amado: "Who says toss pillows can only go on a sofa? By placing them on the chairs it gives it a pop of color and also comfort."

Martin Amado: "Final touch, a centerpiece, and we’re done."

Martin Amado: "This morning we had yellow walls and an empty space. Now we have a cozy breakfast nook with the right furniture and all the decorative accessories to compliment that delicious morning coffee. Until next time, I’m Martin Amado, and don’t forget to join me in our Online Extra with more DIY tips. See you next time on Room for Improvement."

Need a quick and easy makeover that will make a statement? Request a consultation from Martin by calling 305-576-HOME or 954-962-HOME. Also, check out Martin’s trick for keeping up with those outlet cover screws while painting in our Online Extra on the home page.


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