The eyes have it yes the election is over, but when it comes to blinged out eyewear I vote for Oberle Opticians in Surfside.BERNIE OBERLENDER: "The products we have in the store are a mix. primarily jeweled and high end products. We care to feature some of the best brands and best known names in the world."Oberle is taking some of high end glasses and making them even higher end by blinging them out.BERNIE OBERLENDER: "We're doing a lot of jeweled eye wear. we are taking some of our finest designers. And we're actually doing some custom diamond work."They've got eyeglasses and sunglasses that sparkle and shine time to change the name of the song from diamonds in the sky to diamonds in your eyes.BERNIE OBERLENDER: "The primary jewelry we are using is diamonds-since it is a girls best friend.  we do use black diamonds- white diamonds. we do have some sapphires we use as well."   You're gonna need some new shades to protect your eyes from the glare of these $13,000 with nearly 2 carats of diamonds or this $50,000 pair with more than two carats on them.BERNIE OBERLENDER: "They are beautiful pieces its not only for women its for men as well."Some are created by the designer brands, but most are Oberle creations and if you want to be a cut above the rest…they can customize 'em.BERNIE OBERLENDER: "We can custom make the lenses. We can custom make the stones, the stone work. We do the layouts."Depending on how much bling is your thing the glasses can go from $5,000 to well over $10,000BERNIE OBERLENDER: "They are long lasting forever."They're a good gift for a loved one — or for yourself — or for your favorite Deco Driver.

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