Movie Nights

WSVN — The home and gardens of Vizcaya are known for their breathtaking views and tranquil scenery, but long before it was a historic landmark Vizcaya was the winter playground of owner James Deering.

Ann Loshaw: "During that time, he loved to have guests, and one of the things he liked to do to entertain his guests was show silent films. So he actually showed silent films here in the courtyard."

Now you can experience what it was like to be a guest of Mr. Deering's. Vizcaya is hosting a monthly film series in the courtyard where they show silent films that were big during the 1900s.

Like the original black and white version of "The Phantom of the Opera."

David Canto: "This was actually a pretty good experience seeing a silent film for the first time."

Maria Lucia Venegas: "I think it's a different experience, especially because it's here. It has a touch of going back in time and seeing how they experienced movies back then."

During the silent films an organist accompanies the movie to set the mood with music.

Maria Lucia Venegas: "Since he's in another room, we've set up a special feed, and he's got a monitor so he can watch the film and accompany it appropriately."

Dianez Garcia: "It added drama, it made you feel like you're in the movie."

They're also showing contemporary films, which have a fun connection to Vizcaya.

Ann Loshaw: "There are a number of contemporary films that have scenes that were shot here at Vizcaya."

Each movie night has a theme to it with fun cocktails to match.

Michelle Trigg: "I'll be here for every single one of them."

Another way to watch a movie in high style te Icon Brickell is opening up their plush movie theater to us common folk.

Patrick Huey: "The screen in the theater is 16 by 9. It's a really big screen, it's high def and we have surround sound. It's like you're actually part of the movie."

The flick starts at 7:30 every Saturday night, and each month is a different genre of movies.

Patrick Huey: "In November, we're doing romance, and for the holiday season in the month of December, we're doing holiday movies and family movies."

Tickets are $12 and you need to call ahead to reserve a spot. Bonus it's an intimate setting with over-sized velvet couches to lounge on.

Rebecca Stella: "You don't have to deal with the lines and crowds that you deal

with at typical movie theater. Also the seats are super comfy."

And instead of movie candy you get complimentary popcorn and gourmet cupcakes.

Rebecca Stella: "And opposed to buying sodas or water, we like to serve you champagne and wine to make it a fun night."

Now that makes for a happy ending to any movie.


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